About us

We are Lovely and Janna, a Filipino partners and expats based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We share similar passion for food and style. We love and support each other very much in a way that we want to try everything together and no one gets left behind. We’ve been working hard and living in a routine for the past years. And now we are ready to experience and explore life through traveling, food, arts and adventure. We would like to share to all of you the things we are about to discover, learn and treasure.
Why Roaming Spoon
“Freely we roam, indulge with the best of the world.”
We wanted to come up with a name which will define our interests: travel and food. Our main goal is to travel places and immerse ourselves. For every place we visit we will to experience the local cuisine, their culture, to know the history and to create memories with the locals.
Since we are a full time OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) and with our commitments back home, these gives us limited time and resources. And even though we don’t have advanced skills with photography and lifestyle blogging, we hope will be able to inspire and contribute to all walks of life. The only thing we are certain of is we are passionate and driven enough to reach our individual goals, enjoy every moment of our lives and to appreciate the wonders of the earth.
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