Introducing SEATTLE’S BEST COFFEE’s New Menu

Janna and I probably couldn’t live and won’t be able to function well without…Guess what (drum roll please)? Coffee! It has been an integral part of our daily lives. Mornings are always better with a healthy breakfast plus a decent cup of coffee. We couldn’t be happier with SEATTLE’S BEST COFFEE’s new menu. They have more delightful gourmet sandwiches, wraps, and drinks.



The new menu consists of savory yet healthy and light meals with vegetarian options as well. Of course, they are still offering variety of fresh baked pastries and the world’s famous Cinnamon rolls by Cinnabon. All looks inviting and we did not hesitate to try some of it.

Here’s what we tried:



“Green Chicken Pasta” –mix of penne pasta, a handful of baby spinach, bell peppers topped with sliced chicken breast and yogurt pesto sauce. I personally didn’t know yogurt and pesto would go well together. Interesting!


“Savory Taouk” – grilled chicken strips with special sauce, mayonnaise, and pickles rolled over tortilla wrap. By its name it’s really tasty!


“Gourmet Philly Steak” – baguette filled with stripped steaks, bell peppers, onions with spicy sauce, mayonnaise, and melted cheese. This is a heavy and hearty sandwich. Cut it into two and share!


“Chocolate Hazelnut Javakula” – this new Javakula flavor was our favorite! Smooth roasted coffee blended into cool and refreshing Frappuccino. Perfect anytime of the day!

Every bite was just right! Good to know everything is ready-made and you could just grab and go. You can rest assured that once you enter you won’t go empty handed.

You’ll see Joan and Rowena serving the best at this branch.


We were recently in SEATTLE’S BEST COFFEE situated in Grosvenor Business Tower, Barsha Heights (Tecom). It is just few minutes away from Dubai Internet City metro station. This particular branch is pretty cozy and a pleasant place for formal meetings or casual hangouts. They have 2 well-furnished private meeting rooms with flat screen TV, table, and chairs. Isnt it awesome?



You could bring along your colleagues and mates and try SEATTLE’S BEST COFFEE’s new menu. You wouldn’t want to miss this!



Visit them now.

971 4 4229728 / Grosverner Business Tower, Barsha Heights, Dubai / Daily 7AM-8PM



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