GHAF KITCHEN: The Original Vintage Food Truck in Waterfront Market

When was the last time you went to fish market and gone mad for seafood (seafood lovers out there you got this!)? We were at the newly renovated and relocated fish market last week. It is situated inside the new Waterfront Market in Deira (near Dubai Hospital). The market is much bigger and better with more shopping retails, food outlets, with a beautiful sneak peek of the Arabian Gulf.


A lot has changed from the old fish market down to the new one. You won’t be carrying soaking wet plastics anymore! You won’t find any trouble looking for parking space and it is just as easy as ABC finding the loo. Your day will be as cool as you at the fully air-conditioned market. Everything is just perfect and clean! Don’t even worry when hunger strikes.

You’ll find GHAF KITCHEN – the original vintage food truck offering the freshest and finest dishes daily.  The first ever vintage Citroen H van in Dubai turned into an equipped kitchen which produces stunning and restaurant quality dishes. Awesome!




A must try “Fresh Catch Burrito” – fresh catch of the day Sea bream seared to perfection with spicy rice, crispy onions over flour burrito. Sour cream and homemade salsa goes very well with the dish. This dish made us fall in love with burrito (most especially the salsa).


Another best seller and all-time favorite “Ghaf Burger” – house ground of prime Aberdeen Angus beef patty, melted cheese, crispy onions, and tomato relish in between toasted buns. This is so fulfilling and heavenly delicious! We can’t get enough of the tomato relish. Oh boy, they have a thing with tomatoes!


We have met the funniest Chef “Gizzy” from Ivory Coast and the charming Ms. Zyra (Events Supervisor) from Philippines and both of them accompanied us and gave honest recommendations. We had a little chit chat over a cup of freshly brewed coffee and got the chance to bond with these folks.





They also offer made-from-the-scratch pastries. Donuts, cakes, and croissants.



GHAF KITCHEN made our usual trip to the market extra special. It’s definitely not a typical food truck.  That’s why we’ll keep coming back for more. You guys should drop by and try out this awesome vintage kitchen-on-wheels!

Tips: You won’t be carrying soaking wet plastics anymore. Grab your shopping cart and go straight to your favourite vendors. Basement parking is available and free!

Open Sunday – Saturday from 8:00am – 6:00pm at Waterfront Market, Deira


GHAF KITCHEN originally use their vintage food truck for food catering services for boutique/corporate events or any special occasions. They became known for their top quality, scene-stealing food and exceeding customers’ expectations.

For more information about their services and menus click here.

Have you ever wondered what does “ghaf” means? In fact, it’s quite historical and significant to this country. Ghaf is actually the national tree of UAE also known as Prosopis cineraria. It is commonly found in the deserts and only depends on ground water for survival. It has many essential uses which are fundamentally part of UAE’s tradition and culture. Ghaf tree tolerates extreme high temperatures, scorching winds and dehydration. Nonetheless it still grows fruitfully with firm and long roots which provides nutrition, balances the ecosytem and produces evergreen leaves and flowers.




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