Ice cream is always a good idea and it pretty solves everything. It gives you unexplained bliss and nostalgia. We’ll always crave and scream for it. It has been a great companion when you are feeling gloomy, jaded, or when it’s almost time of the month (oops! for ladies only). Life is always better with ice cream. Agree?

When we are in the Capital (Abu Dhabi) we always spend time with our closest friends. We usually hang out and catch up over FOOD! Our friends Pauline Maribbay and Michelle Lagnada suggested we head out to Marsal Al Bateen and try SWITCH’s newest desserts.


We had their newest and inventive desserts – #SwitchMashup “Pistachio Pancone” and “Oreo Mug”.  You heard it right. Pancone! Ice cream, pancakes, and cone turned into one unimaginable dessert. Of course for the love of Oreo… what else can I say? They made a huge Oreo cookie ice cream sandwich. It’s insanely good!

#SwitchMashup 1

Pistachio Pancone – coated pistachio ice cream on a cone landed into yummy layers of pancakes, showered with bits of pistachio and homemade special syrup (probably made from pistachio too!) This oh so green colored dessert is just good as it looks! It has the right amount of sweetness. The fusion of ice cream and pancake were unexpectedly successful with its unique recipe and flavour.  Hands down!



#SwitchMashup 2

Oreo Mug – huge Oreo cookie filled with cookies and cream ice cream surrounded by chunks of dark chocolate brownies, drizzled with chocolate fudge and Oreo crumbles. This one hella choco loco dessert you wouldn’t want to miss! Choco lovers and Oreo junkies would definitely love this creation! Here’s a closer look and it would surely make you drool.



Let us give you a glimpse of story and person behind SWITCH’s interior and industrial design. We would like to emphasize the importance of each restaurant’s history and hidden ideas. With that, we will have a deeper understanding of people’s perspective, purpose, and culture.

We did our homework and found out SWITCH was designed and inspired by a famous industrial designer also known as “poet of plastics” – KARIM RASHID. I was surprised by his works and philosophy. All of his products are futuristic yet functional. He always produce a game changing concepts and create designs that elevate the experiences of everyday life. Mr. Rashid wanted to build a haven free from distraction. And he believes design should touch everything and be for everyone.

Credits to Kamala Hutauruk – Project Designer


In addition, they named the place SWITCH which also defined as transformation. It takes one to another place and gives noteworthy experience. We can’t wait to visit Dubai Mall branch and try their Camel burger. This place is awesome! Food is great and affordable! What are you guys waiting for? Visit them now and have a spoonful of goodness!

Contact SWITCH

Marsa Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi / 10AM-12AM / 02 556 5556


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