THE COFFEE CLUB: All-Day Dining and Coffee – the Aussie way!

Sometimes you’ll get to the point of exhaustion and restlessness especially in the middle of the week. You simply want to be in a tranquil and happy state of mind even after a long day. Glad we spotted this coffee place in Al Wasl Road, Vita Mall – THE COFFEE CLUB. Do you want to know where and how it all started?


THE COFFEE CLUB is owned by two great friends from Brisbane, Australia. Back in 1989, Emmanuel Kokoris and Emmanuel Dravis were on a late night search of a decent coffee and failed. It led them to create a business venture and made the whole concept of a coffeehouse style chain. Through the years of success it became famous and favorite local coffee shop in Australia and New Zealand. Now it’s expanding in Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Let’s talk about THE COFFEE CLUB’s food and coffee (of course!), shall we? We were surprised to see tons of choices from the menu. I personally thought it only serves variety of coffee drinks. But I was certainly wrong! They offer an amazing all-day dining – from breakfast to lunch, snacks to dinner, plus refreshing drinks and freshly brewed coffee! What a beaut!


First, we tried one of Chef’s new creations – a “Croissant Loaded” with veal bacon, poached eggs, drizzled with hollandaise sauce and on top a handful of crunchy salad greens. What makes this dish extra special? The hollandaise sauce is dynamite! A concoction of flavors – rich, creamy, lemony, and spicy. The heat from sriracha made an interesting twist on your palate. It seems too much to eat but it is actually light and healthy.  Since THE COFFEE CLUB has an extended menu, we also had the “Classic Pepper Steak”. The meat was juicy and tender, perfect with the sides baby potatoes, broccolini and the savory sauce. We’ve found a coffee place to have not just a coffee but a proper dinner meal. Ace!



THE COFFEE CLUB put the spotlight to coffee and made sure to incorporate it in their “Inspirational Frappes”. One of the most recommended drink “Passionate Frappe” a ice blended passionfruit and mint with a pinch of coffee. It’s playful and thirst-quenching. And we are calling all coffee-lovers out there! Come here mates! You gotta love “Affogato” it is a strong and roasty espresso shot and hot foamy milk topped with vanilla ice cream. Their newest addition “Pumpkin Spice Latte” is definitely not your typical latte. Cinnamon and crispy pumpkin chips over the whipped cream plus the espresso were so good together. Each sip will make you forget your deadlines and errands. LOL!



We always love breakfast options. We did not miss to try their “French Toast” – 4 delightful slices of toast, glazed peaches with roasted pistachios scattered like a confetti, and peach flavored syrup. So damn good!


Our Wednesday ended up so well. THE COFFEE CLUB pampered us with great food and service. We would like to express our gratitude to the staff – Renon, Jinky, Nathalie, and Joan for being accommodating and polite. Thank you guys! We are so stoked with this place! Its industrial-modern design, earth tones, huge windows, and its overall “warehouse look” is just fascinating!



In addition, we asked few of our friends based in Australia about their THE COFFEE CLUB experience.

“In my two years in Canberra, love the food and service of THE COFFEE CLUB. My fiance and I always go back for their raspberry cheesecake and mocha frappe!” – Jan Louis

“Coffee will fix anything for me. Came across THE COFFEE CLUB and on a serious note, the frappe was real good! There’s also a wide variety of all-day brekky menu which is a plus for them as not all cafes offer this. I’m always fussy with what coffee to take and CC’s coffee was enough to satisfy my daily cravings. Without any doubt, I’ll always drop by for a brunch or for an arvo coffee treat.” – Ella Camara

Give it a burl! The question will always be “Where will I meet you?” – THE COFFEE CLUB







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